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We enable organizations to grow face mask revenue 

Retailers, distributors, and online merchants in a variety of industries can use our system and manufacturing capabilities to help customers buy masks.

With face masks now being part of our everyday life, we have set up a program where any type of business can be part of this growing trend.

High margin and high sales product

We help you grow revenue and unlock new market opportunities 

Strong sales and marketing support

We offer you access to our sales tools and digital assets to help you conquer your market.

Do you our your clients have an amazing idea for a design? We have you covered.

Custom Design & Manufacturing

Access to filtration experts

Don't go it alone. With 12 year experience in the industry we support our partners with 1 on 1 consultations

With North American, European, and Asian warehousing. We have a solution to ship Kandymask to clients on your behalf.

Global warehousing

Volume Discounts

Need enough margin to distribute via multiple channels?  We have that for you as well.

Are you a retailer?


You're on your way to an extraordinary buying experience.

What next to expect:


Our partner and USA's #1 home security provider Home Guard Security Services will call you shortly to discuss your needs, answer any questions and provide you an excellent quote!


An Home Guard Security Specialist installs your home security system in the following days. You and your family feel safe and secure again in your home!


You make an informed purchasing decision. 

We're working on a special deal for Renters

As soon as we have a good home security provider and a special deal for renters, we'll reach out to you. Meanwhile, we keep you updated on the progress we're making.

Why work with Kandymask?

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Many people are buying face masks for years to come.

Are they buying from you?

Are you a distributor?

Are you a buyers group?

Are you an organization?

Join organizations growing face mask revenue

As a manufacturer, we can provide flexibility and pricing that surpasses any options on the market. 

What is the pricing for your products?

Sign up via our form with your details and then speak with a representative.  We will guide you through the process of pricing, lead time, terms and how to get started.

How do I become a distributor?

We are the direct manufacturer and have been in the filtration and mask business for 11 years. We focus on enabling all our customers from large distributors to smaller retailers to achieve their revenue goals. We support everyone with personal support and guidance on how to grow revenue.

What makes KandyMask different?

How does KandyMask support clients?

We have created a system that helps distributors generate more business. We provide guidance with sales and marketing resources. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Fill out the form

Once we have your details and rep will contact you

Set up as a distributor

Once we decide to partner together you will become an authorized distributor

Start Selling

Receive your first masks and get access to your sales tools and training guides




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